5 Reasons To Go On A Bus Tour

Take the hassle out of any trip by taking a coach tour. All you need to do is arrive on time for departure and the rest will be looked after for you.
A bus trip means you can sit back, relax and take in the views. Being higher up on the road means you have a much better view to soak up the incredible scenery. Using a reliable tour company (such as ourselves) means you are in safe hands.

Here are our 5 reasons to go on a bus tour:


Quality coaches make for a great trip and they help save your energy so you are ready to explore and make the most of each stop on the tour route. Any good transportation company should make sure that comfort is one of their top priorities. Comfortable seating, enough legroom and storage to keep things out of your way makes for a more comfortable trip. Most modern coaches will also have toilet facilities, plugs or USB ports and often wifi facilities. At Galway Tour Company we have opted to not incorporate wifi on our fleet of coaches because we want our guests to put down the screens, unwind and simply enjoy the natural beauty around them. You can thank us afterwards!


With the lack of trains and public transport to some of the main tourist hotspots in Ireland, as well as the small windy roads, travelling by car can often be a stressful experience for some. Driving on strange roads and putting your trust in a satnav can bring its own problems. So hopping on a bus tour means you get to avoid such stresses and let your driver navigate these obstacles for you. Just be on time and mind the steps, we will handle the rest.


Between fuel prices and paying for parking, the cost can add up quite quickly when out exploring the best that Ireland has to offer. Utilising a bus to take you on a tour to your desired destinations will inevitably save you money, and it is also the more environmentally friendly travel option too. Many coach tour operators will have discounts for tourist destinations so there may even be some savings on entrance fees. Always check what is and isn’t included when booking a tour, especially if you are planning a trip on a tight budget.


If you are on a short trip to the West of Ireland or Galway in particular, you will want to make the most of it and take in as much as you can. Hopping on a bus tour allows you to do that conveniently. The set departure and return times also help you to plan fun things to do before and after your tour, to really make the most of your time. We all know planning out your day can be time-consuming, so having a guided tour taking you from point A to B leaves you with more time to figure out what you would like to do at each stop along the way.

Meet People

One of the comments most people who have been on a bus tour before, will be about the people they meet. Whether you are travelling solo, with friends or family, a bus tour provides a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy good company. The person sitting beside you could be your next door neighbour or someone from half way around the world

Our local drivers are the best at what they do and make each tour unique for their guests. Book a tour with Galway Tour Company today.





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