Autumn in Ireland – The Best Season to Explore

Visitors to Ireland quickly develop a love-hate relationship with the weather.

Planning a trip is often reserved for the spring and summer months where, in theory, the sun makes an appearance and lighter apparel is donned. However, there is a very good argument to be made for prolonging such trips to the autumnal months.


October brings a change in the seasons and that is reflected in the Irish landscape. 

An enchanting walk through the Cong Woods in the Autumn. Observing the cyclical change in plant life at the world-renowned Burren – ferns and mosses trading places with various plants (1100 in number) in their unique habitat. The rugged coastline of the West of Ireland as the cool surf and spray carries in from the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Wild Atlantic Way never looked better than during the Autumnal months. Exposed to the elements, the turning of the seasons is on full display across many of Ireland’s natural attractions.


Ireland’s pub and bar scene is legendary. The advantage that the cooler months beyond tourist season have over summer season, is that the bars start to come alive. Thirsty punters seeking refuge from the worsening weather, darkening evenings which limit outside activities – all these factors and more encourage locals and tourists to visit one of the many watering holes Ireland has to offer.

The charm and craic to be had in an Irish bar is unique and impossible to replicate. The food is a delight and depending on the weather and season, can help fuel and heat you from the inside. Trad sessions, open fires, impromptu sing songs, poetry recitals, storytelling and performances of all varieties – every pub has a personality and there’s always something for the senses.

Many of the tours we feature include a stop in a traditional Irish pub for a meal. The perfect way to round off or kick start a day of sightseeing.


Travelling to, and around Ireland tends to be cheaper outside the regular tourist season. There are usually more cost-effective hotel and accommodation options available during this period as well as a great selection of dining choices at affordable rates.

Any cost savings can be used to extend your trip in duration or in scope. It also gives you more money to spend on souvenirs. Or Guinness at the pub.

At Galway Tour Company, we offer tours departing from Galway which cover the western edge of Ireland. By popular demand, we also recently created multi-day all-inclusive packages to showcase the very best that Ireland has to offer.

These unique experiences cover the length and breadth of the island and include four-star accommodation, breakfast, dinner and travel in our luxury fleet of coaches.

You can learn more by visiting this page or contact us directly and one of our staff will be happy to respond to your enquiry.

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